Check Out Lene Kilde's Incredible Wire Mesh Sculptures

Childhood years are among the things that seems to take forever when you're going through them, but quickly become oft-remembered halcyon days that seem to have passed way too quickly as soon as you've left them behind.


Perhaps no artist in recent memory has captured this feeling better than Lene Kilde, with her series of seemingly-incomplete wire mesh sculptures, each one depicting a partial representation of a child engaged in one of many childhood activities.

The images give a sense of something missing, but they also invite the viewer to fill in the pieces for themselves. The apparition of the sculptures seems to work in two different directions, like a visual Kuleshov Effect. Maybe the figures are in the process of disappearing, a representation of childhood too-quickly forgotten, years that slipped through your fingers before you got old and found out you had all kinds of responsibilities. Or maybe they're something totally different: an almost blank canvas of sorts, onto which you can project your own ideas and memories of childhood, letting Kilde's partial forms act as a starting point, from which a viewer can fill in his or her own details.


Art that works this well is hard to come by, so make sure you visit Lene's page at Galleri Ramfjord, where you can see more of her work.

[source: Colossal]