LA Street Artist WRDSMTH Teams with Music Collective VNL RCRDS


If you've spent any time driving around LA, you have probably noticed the work of rising street artist star WRDSMTH adorning various walls and surfaces around town, spreading his message far and wide. WRDSMTH describes himself as a screenwriter doing time in Hollywood (and might eve ask you what you're in for), and his work tends to blend simple, repeated iconography with easily-digestible, direct little aphorisms typically dedicated to encouraging readers to keep their chins up and kiss the people they love, etc.

Music collective VNL RCRDS has teamed up with WRDSMTH for its first volume of releases, which aims to pair rising musical acts with rising street artists for vinyl record releases. The very first VNL RCRDS release comes to us from Brooklyn-based indie rock outfit Active Bird Community, and features artwork by WRDSMTH.

These releases are limited edition, so if this seems like it's your kind of thing, I would rush to get my pre-order on now. The release is March 3, but it's going to be vinyl only. No mp3 download to speak of. In fact, the VNL RCRDS website even goes so far as to say, "This is a physical piece of art and is to be avoid as so [sic]."

It looks like this is the first of many, so keep your eyes peeled, and we'll be sure to update you when the next VNL RCRDS release heads our way.