The HaHa Cloud Machine Comes to Long Beach

One of the best things about the Los Angeles art scene is how unbelievably vast it is. Los Angeles is a huge place in and of itself, and it's even better when you realize that all of its distinct neighborhoods and districts often have their own thriving art communities.

Even though it sorta sits right between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach is still an important member of the LA family, and plenty of this is owed to Long Beach's incredible art scene.

This Saturday, HaHa Cloud Machine opens, and it looks poised to perfectly capture the idiosyncratic sense of artistic mischief that makes Long Beach as special as it is. Hosted by illustrator Dave Van Patten and featuring some of the Long Beach community's best illustrators, HaHa Cloud Machine is a "humor-themed illustration show" with an opening this Saturday, at MADE by Millworks. The show is set to run through April 30, so make sure you cruise down and check it out!