Visit the Banksy Hotel in Bethlehem (For Real)


Well, we can't say we're horribly surprised — though definitely weren't expecting — to learn that Banksy has gone right ahead and opened up an actual hotel in Bethlehem. Called the Walled-Off Hotel, it is...basically exactly what you would expect from the world's foremost merry prankster slash preeminent culture critic.

There are only nine rooms, so the whole situation isn't on the scale of, say, your local Raddison, but what the Walled-Off Hotel lacks in space and accommodations, it definitely makes up for in terms of style, originality, and pitch-black whimsy. Many of the rooms have some sort of conceptual spin to them, with many containing pieces and installations that you can check out during your stay.

Check out a few pictures below and visit StreetArtNews for even more.