Kathleen Vance and the Traveling Lands

Ah, the suitcase. It's an important part of travel, and by extension it's an important part of our lives. In fact, one could easily say that we pack the most important parts of our lives into them when we head out to go on a trip, take a vacation, and see another part of the world. We put our experiences, our belongings, and our clothes that impact the way the world sees us, that we might bring parts of our homes and parts of our personhood to the new place we intend to explore. The suitcase is a rich symbol, which is what makes Kathleen Vance's work so fantastically interesting.

As part of a series called Traveling Landscapes, Vance builds little tiny environments right into the suitcases that might have ordinarily been used to help you take your stuff to them in the first place. The result is an interestingly layered commentary on the nature of travel, the world, and the way we live our lives. Check out a few more pictures below and the rest over at Colossal.