Check Out Greyworld's Garden of Light

London is famous for the blanket of naturally-blooming daffodils that seems to overtake the city every March, but this is never the only daffodil-related event overtaking a part of the the UK's capital city. This year, Garden of Light will be illuminating Paternoster Square with a great bed made of more than 2,100 handmade daffodils, each individually illuminated, "bringing light to the darkest hours."

The massive installation is a new collaboration between UK-based nurse network Marie Curie and artist collective Greyworld, conceived and created to commemorate Marie Curie's annual charity drive, the Great Daffodil Appeal.

Garden of Light is a truly immersive experience, each aspect of it designed to connect the visitor with the impact nurses make on families and individuals who are desperately in need of care. Audio recordings are sprinkled throughout the installation, featuring the voices of various real-life Marie Curie nurses, each reading a note from a patient or patient's family member. As guests make their way towards the end of the installation, they're invited to visit the memory wall and contribute their own special moment in time, bridging the gap between viewer and participant/creator in a truly immersive way.

Read more about Garden of Light and check out some great pictures over at My Modern Met, and head here to make a donation!