Isaar Tahir's Hands Are Her Tools, Are Her Canvas, Are Her Art

The relationship between an artist and her art is always an interesting one to explore, but few burgeoning artists have the uncanny ability to literalize this relationship as well as Isaar Tahir does on her fantastic Instagram account.

By coating her hands in fantastically-detailed miniature paintings — some of them canny recreations of well-worn classics like The Scream, others cute representations of iconic scenes from famous Disney films — Tahir blurs the lines between the tools an artist uses to create, the canvas on which she creates, and the final creation itself. In this series, Tahir's hands are arguably all three, her work implicitly making the case that art is not only inside all of us, but that it is also on the surface, ready for those who know how to look for it.

All imagery courtesy of Isaar Tahir's Instagram