Art Walk This Way: Check Out the 5 Best Art Walks in LA

Art walks are just the best. Los Angeles is a real big place, and a huge part of what makes it as special as it is, is the fact that it's a veritable patchwork of different neighborhoods and communities, each with their own individual identity and slice of subculture. Exploring all of what LA has to offer is a task that one might never complete, but this is part of what makes the city so alluring.

Perhaps one of the best ways to connect with an individual community is by getting in touch with its arts community, and Los Angeles makes that real nice and easy with some of the very best art walks around. We'll talk about a few of them here, and be sure to visit our friends at Time Out Los Angeles for an even more complete list.

1. First Fridays Long Beach

First Friday in Long Beach is the grandaddy of all art walks, if you ask us. These events tend to be more like full-blown street fairs than they do your average art walk, but there is no shortage of incredible, local art for you to feast your eyes upon. In addition there's more food, local crafts, entertainment, and live music than you can shake a stick at.

2. First Fridays Abbot Kinney

Kind of like the preppy younger cousin of the Long Beach First Friday, Abbott Kinney's offering puts a bit more of a focus on fashion and shopping, as Abbott Kinney is as lined with hip apparel outlets as it is galleries and art spaces.

3. First Thursday Downtown San Pedro

San Pedro joins Santa Ana as the other Spanish-named Orange County city with a surprisingly burgeoning arts scene, and its First Thursday event is some solid evidence. Each month brings a different theme with it, meaning that the guided tour has a different itinerary for you to check out every four weeks.

4. Downtown LA's Art Walk

Our very own Arts District hosts another fantastic art walk every second Tuesday of the month, featuring self-guided gallery tours, which are totally free. Tons of local artists have their work on display, and a lot of the local businesses participate as well, making it an event that's worth checking out.

5. NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night

This art walk has been running for over 10 years now, and includes a whopping 40 different galleries and studios, all clustered in the artsy section of Northeastern Los Angeles. If there's a way to comprehensively explore the bustling East LA art scene, this is definitely it.

[source: Time Out LA]